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  1. The AFM Multi-employer Pension Fund Each member can register and log in to check the status of their account and use the calculator to look up how much your projected contributions have earned. This site has been of great benefit as the Pension Fund has a small staff with an enormous work load and turn-around time for questions was often several days.
  2. The national AFM website is at their contacts page is at
  3. Liability, Instrument and Equipment, Health insurance etc. If you register with the national AFM website you can review the various insurance products there. There are also Dental and medication discounts among other things.
  4. The AFM Local 104 website is at Our email is at We also have a benefits page at Benefits: Local 104, AFM, Salt Lake City (
  5. Union Plus benefits website is at benefits guide at Union Plus Benefits Guide.pdf
  6. Casual Contracts and Recording contracts for freelance members can be obtained through the Local 104 office as well as a version that allows for members to contribute to their own pension plan. There are also recording contracts for the various uses let us know and we can assist you.
  7. The national AFM has Road Gig Assistance, to secure pay for the musicians from unscrupulous employers. The AFM pays the band and will pursue the matter with the employer in the local courts that have jurisdiction in that area or region.
  8. National and Local newsletters such as the International Musician at International Musician | Official Journal of the American Federation of Musicians of the United States and Canada and the Call the office for a recent copy of the Segue.
  9. Collective Bargaining agreements or CBA’s. We negotiate contracts on behalf of our members that form collective bargaining agreements. To secure a standard of living for our members commensurate with other jobs and professions in the region. Local 104 is the exclusive collective bargaining agent for Utah Symphony Musicians and the Ballet West Orchestra. They provide the financial obligations for legal representation during collective bargaining, contract infractions, grievance and arbitration processes, as well as providing other services throughout the year to its members. The Symphony and Ballet Orchestra have an Orchestra Committee and act as official arms of the Local, representing the Union at the workplace and with management. Our musicians may act in other oversight capacities with duties spelled out in these contracts, but the final responsibility for administering our Collective Bargaining Agreement lies with Local 104.
  10. Local labor attorney Jon Axelrod is on retainer by Local 104.
  11. Work-place representation. Both the Utah Symphony and Ballet West Orchestra have Shop Stewards to facilitate communication and represent the interests of the employees.
  12. National and Local Recording Agreements – to insure and protect the recording work done by our members when negotiating with National and Local media.
  13. Legislation: The AFM also advocates pension reform, instruments and air travel standards, and many other things they have been successful at accomplishing. You may make contributions to union friendly candidates through the TEMP fund.
  14. You can contact our Local’s Secretary/Treasurer, Krista Baker — or Office Manager, David Sharp — during business hours at 801-972-1915 if you have any questions. Their office is located at 2261 South Redwood Road, Suite L, and Salt Lake City, UT, 84119. Office hours are Monday through Friday, 10 AM – 4 PM. It is preferable if you contact the office during the COVID period through phone or email: You can also contact them (and conduct many transactions such as dues payments) through the Local’s website at
  15. Our Executive Board and staff:

President Keith Carrick

Vice President Sally Humphreys

Secretary-Treasurer Krista Baker

Executive Board Members: Veronica Kulig, Julie Edwards, Emily Shumway, Cassie Olson, Kenny Hodges

Business Agent: David Sharp

Facebook pages of interest:




The website run by the Musicians of the Utah Symphony


International Conference of Symphony and Opera Musicians


Common Acronyms


MOTUS Musicians of the Utah Symphony

AFM American Federation of Musicians:  Union representing thousands of professional musicians across the United States and Canada.

AFM-EP American Federation of Musicians-Employers Pension Fund:  Defined benefit pension of which the USO contributes an amount equal to 8.5 – 9% of your annual gross compensation on your behalf for retirement.

CBA Collective Bargaining Agreement

IMA Integrated Media Agreement: New agreement covering all types of broadcast and recording media (except recording sessions for CDs) with updated rules governing musician compensation and Management usage. Negotiated jointly by managers, union officials and orchestra musicians nationwide, and to which orchestras become signatories on an individual basis. 

ERISA Employee Retirement Income Security Act:  Laws providing guidelines and restrictions regarding employer contributed pension and other retirement investment vehicles.

401-K Federal Tax identification for a retirement investment vehicle utilized by the

USO, and other non-profit (501-3c) organizations.


ICSOM International Conference of Symphony and Opera Musicians:  Players Conference for U.S. major orchestras           

LAO League of American Orchestras, also referred to as “The League”:  National organization of symphony orchestra board members, executives, and management representatives.

OCSM Organization of Canadian Symphony Musicians:  Players conference of Canadian orchestral musicians.

RMA Recording Musicians Association: Players Conference for recording musicians (w/membership largely in New York, Los Angeles and Nashville).

ROPA Regional Orchestra Players Association:  Players conference of U.S. regional orchestral musicians.

SSD Symphonic Services Division:  Offices within the headquarters of the AFM which serve to assist the needs of orchestras in areas of negotiation, media, legal opinions and other services.

TMA Theater Musicians Associations: Players Conference for Broadway pit musicians.

ZAP Zoo, Arts and Parks Tax. Local county sales tax (one tenth of 1%) approved by county election in the late 1990’s. The Symphony is the County’s largest recipient of Zap tax funds.



Call Local 104 if we can explain or help in any way with these benefits. It makes for a better work environment for all when we organize and help one another make our livings. On behalf of Local 104’s Executive Board and Officers we thank you for your membership.

In solidarity,

David Sharp

Business Agent

AFM, Local 104







Results of the Nomination and Election meeting Sept. 7th, 2020

AFM, Local 104 results of the Nominations and Elections meeting held by virtual conference September 7th, 2020 at 5:15 pm MDT – All positions were voted in my acclimation.

Keith Carrick
Vice President
James Allyn
Secretary Treasurer
Krista B. Baker
Board Members:
Sally Humphreys
Veronica Kulig
Gary Ofenloch
Julie Edwards
Kenny Hodges

Call the office at 801-972-1915 or if you have any questions or input.

Business Agent:
David Sharp

Official Statement on Black Lives Matter Local 104 American Federation of Musicians

Black Lives Matter!


Local 104 is a collective of professional musicians, and we welcome and invite musicians of color to join us as we strive to provide Union protections.


The Executive Board of Local 104 of the American Federation of Musicians is appalled at the murders of Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, and other persons of color who were members of the Human Community living on this planet we call home.  This has gone on for too long, and it is simply unconscionable for it to continue.


As an arts organization Local 104 joins other arts organizations around the globe who have spoken out against the violence that disproportionately targets people of color.  We demand that our black colleagues and colleagues of color be afforded the same protections as our non-black and non-person of color colleagues.


Local 104 prides itself on affording equal musical opportunities to all members.  We now further commit to pursuing organizational changes to allow us to pursue the following objectives, with the goal of true inclusion for our black members and members of color.


We will:

  • Be proactive in inviting people of color to become members of the Executive Board.
  • Collaborate with other local arts organizations on anti-racist initiatives ensuring that people of color are afforded the same opportunities in all aspects of the arts.
  • Actively reach out into our musical community to seek ideas from members of color on what we as a board can do be more inclusive.
  • Continue to seek to improve the awareness of the overall membership about the plight of all people of color, not just those who are members of the Local.
  • We believe that change can only happen when enough people are willing to stand up and make their voices heard. For this reason our Executive Board will help lead the cry to stand up, become involved, and refuse to stay silent.


Black Lives Matter!

Results from the nomination and election meeting.

The results from the nomination and election meeting for all positions on the Local 104 Board are as follows.

AFM, Local 104 – Election Results.
President Mike Palumbo
Vice President Jamie Allyn
Secretary-Treasurer – Krista Baker
Board Members:
Julie Edwards, Sally Humphrey, Gary Ofenloch, Leslie Richards, and Veronica Kulig.
All positions were voted in by acclamation. Thank you for being willing to serve on the Board. Local 104 is proud and fortunate.
David Sharp – AFM, Local 104 Business Agent

Correction to the Category A show rate

There has been a correction to the Category A show rate to be in line with current cost of living increases. Performance rate is now $160.00 for a three hours or less call. This is a correction from the $170.00 previously quoted.

Thanks for everyone’s patience. Contact the office if anyone notices any over site or typos in the wage scale book.


Dave Sharp

The American Federation of Musicians Local 104

There will be a general and executive board meeting held in the offices of AFM, Local 104 at 5:15 pm February 1st, 2016. We will be voting on the new Wage Scale book among other items on the agenda.


Our latest newsletter

Segue sept oct 2015


Local 104 has produced a video on youtube. Featuring the history, success, struggle and the future of organizing the musicians union in the state of Utah.