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Adolph Brox and the Coconut Grove Orchestra

Abravanel circa 1970

Abravanel in London 1975

AFM Local 104 Executive Board circa 1965

Afton Pitt Orchestra 1952

Alan Weight – Past Local 104 President

Al Sedgley Orchestra

Alvino Rey – Big Band leader and inventor of the Pedal Steel Guitar.

Al Weight Quartet

Aldon Gibbs Orchestra circa 1940

Alexander Schreiner Tabernacle Organist circa 1924

Alf Masterman Luthier and Violinist with the Orpheum Orchestra

American Theatre Orchestra – Salt Lake City – circa 1918

Anton Pederson – Conductor of the Salt Lake Symphony circa 1920

Arthur Pederson Ferber son of Anton Pederson – Professor of music at the University of Utah

AFM award time with Ben Bullough and Bill Sullivan

Ashot Abramyan 1986

Bob Hope and Eugene Jelesnik for a Labor Day concert promotion.


Tony passing on the coveted Fishwheels of the Northwest to the incoming President of the Northwest Conference of the AFM.

Tony Brazelton Secretary-Treasurer of Local 104 1994-2012.

By Woodbury and his Orchestra circa 1934.

Chas Shepherd

Claude Sweeten Radio Program Director and Band Leader.

The Claude Sweeten Orchestra

The Coconut Grove Orchestra 1947

Cristie Lundquist with David Freed 1979

The Curtis Ackerland Orchestra

Dansante Ballroom Orchestra

Dave Sharp at the Tanner Office Building office in 2000.

David Wilcox – Trumpet Player – held every position on the Executive Board at Local 104.

Dell Bush Orchestra circa 1953

Scott Devey

Trumpet Player and

Instrument maker.



Don Kirkham and his Society Serenaders 1922-23



Don Tibbs Orchestra 1918

Don Tibbs Saltair Orchestra 1927

Doug Craig and Mitch Morrison with the Utah Symphony

Ed Greenall – Drummer

Edward P. Kimball – Tabernacle Organist from 1920 to 1930

Erich Graf -Flutist with the Utah Symphony and past President of AFM Local 104

Eugene Jelesnik and Ben Bullough

Felix Perez

Frank Sinatra, Eugene Jelesnik and Phil Silvers on a USO Tour during WWII.

Eugene Jelesnik and the KSL radio Orchestra on tour in Southern Utah.

Evan’s Family Orchestra

Francis (Gus) Farney circa 1923

Frank Asper Sr. – Tabernacle Organist circa 1924

Harry Black Band

Harry Erickson and his Saltair Orchestra 1929-30 season

Hawkins Military band circa 1930

Hawkins Military band circa 1920 at Liberty Park in Salt Lake City

Held’s Military band – Salt Lake City

Shelly Hyde – Trumpet Player and Personnel Manager of the Utah Symphony

Idlewild at the Celtic Celebration in Ogden, Utah 2012.

Intermountain band contest of 1926

Inish duo – with Barry and Marion Carter

Iosepa Hawiian Troubadors – on the steps of the Salt Lake City and County Building 1908.

Jack McVea – Sax Player

Jay Brower Orchestra with the King Sisters

J. D. Moffit – Jazz and Country Guitar

Jerry Jones and his Lagoon Orchestra 1939-40

Joe Muscolino and singer circa 1990



John Held military band conductor 1910-1930

John Nuslien at Club Cabana

John Nuslien, Karen Hernandez and Waren Trulson at Club Cabana

John Omanson – conductor

Johnny Rosell and his Orchestra

Joseph Fielding Smith at a Utah Symphony concert

Joseph Silverstein – Conductor of the Utah Symphony

KDYL radio staff Orchestra 1939

KSL Radio Orchestra

KSL radio staff Orchestra 1940


Ken Kuchler with the Utah Symphony 2008

Ken Kuchler with the Utah Symphony in Europe 2005

Leo and Buddy

1994 Brass pick up group of Local 104 musicians.

Local 104 session circa 1960

Loel Hepworth – One time President of Local 104

Link Hebrew, Jan Hyde and Steve

Main Street Jazz band circa 1990

Marvin H. Strong Military band circa 1954

Max Anderson circa 1960

Max Engman Orchestra 1952-53

AFM, Local 104 office at the O C Tanner Bldg on Main Street, Salt Lake City, Utah (Dave Sharp Business Agent 1999)