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Doug Craig – 1928 – 2015 – Bassoon Utah Symphony


Doug Craig with Sax
Tony Brazelton with Alphorn
Ricklen Nobis and Patrick Zwick – Utah Symphony
Doug Craig with Sax

Ian McDonnel – Local 104 officer circa 1920 – Tuba and Bass

Mel Hall at the Terrace Ballroom 1958

Mickey Paramore and the Swingettes 1940

Odeon Dance Hall Orchestra 1913

Orpheum Theatre Orchestra – Salt Lake City – 1913

Orsen Beeseley Orchestra circa 1930

Orson Hyde band

Owen Sweeten – conductor 1923

Peggy and her Pals – KSL radio 1938-40

R. Owen Sweeten – Saltair band leader 1921-23

Ray Palmer band at the Rainbow Rondesvous

Ray Palmer band circa 1950

Ricklin Nobis – piano with the Utah Symphony, Ballet West and RDT.

Robert Sauer – Professor of music at BYU, member of the Utah Symphony, composer of “When it’s Springtime in the Rockies”. Shown here with the Heckelphone.

Salt Lake City band float

Salt Lake City Good-time band circa 1980.

Salt Lake Philharmonic Orchestra circa 1909

Salt Lake Symphony 1921

Scott Birkenshaw Quartet circa 1991

Shelly Hyde – on the Mountain

Soul Patrol – Arvey McFarland – band leader

The South American Trio with Felix Perez

Steve Oldroyd – Piano 1977

Stewart Grow Orchestra 1953

Sweetens Saltair band – shown here at the University of Utah

Theresa Ellis circa 1990

The Hardimans – Mr. Hardiman was the one time concert master of the Utah Symphony

The Musettes

The Renaissance Chamber Ensemble 1987

Rusty McKinney – Bass Trombone with Utah Symphony, First Presbyterian Choral Director until 2011.

The Victorians circa 1924

Unknown local 104 band circa 1918

Unknown local 104 band circa 1924

Unknown Western Singer

Unknown local 104 band circa 1923

Unknown country western band – local 104

Utah Brass Quintet

Utah Symphony 1939

Utah Symphony 1954-55

Utah Symphony Trumpet section with past President Bill Sullivan and Shelly Hyde

Vagabonds of the air 1923

Verdi Breinholt Orchestra

Walter Rothar – Timpanist

Zion Wranglers – Jime and Gerald Gifford 1954

The Zwick Family – Patrick, Martin and Muriel Zwick


Gary Ofenloch – Utah Symphony and Opera

Idlewild quintet – Teresa Lynn Welch, Carol Sharp, David Sharp, Jody Duffy-Brings, and Scott Jorgensen (Irminsul Harp)


Idlewild six-piece group with four Irish step dancers

Mark Jardine, Steve Keen, Pat Leary, Teresa Lynn Welch, Carol Sharp and David Sharp


Idlewild Trio – Carol Sharp, David Sharp and Krista Baker

Dave Sharp – Banjoist extraordinaire in the office of Local 104